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Gifted students

Clinton is a community committed to educating happy, healthy, confident 21st century learners.
Clinton State School 
  • Recognises the needs of all students including students who display giftedness 
  • Aims to provide rigorous, challenging and supportive learning environment for these students
For the purpose of the Gifted and Talented Program, we use the Gagne model which proposes the following definitions:
Giftedness is the possession of natural abilities or aptitudes at levels significantly beyond what is expected at one’s age, in any dominion of human ability. (Potential)
Talent equates to high achievement. Talent is achievement or performance at a level significantly beyond what might be expected at a given age. (Performance)
Gagne believes that giftedness becomes talent through the quality of the child’s learning through personal contexts (motivation, confidence, perseverance) and environmental contexts (surroundings, significant persons, school provisions).
  • To optimise the potential of each student
  • To promote a flexible approach to the education of student
  • To promote in the school community the awareness and understanding of giftedness
·         To develop effective partnerships with parents in supporting quality education for gifted students.
Identification Process
1. Teacher/Parent Nomination.
2. Data collection (Class teacher, Gifted and Talented coordinator and parent/caregivers)   multiple identification instruments may be used to identify students’ strengths.  Parents will be notified.  
3. Student Services Committee meeting to review the data and information on each student to determine high ability learners and how we can best support their needs at Clinton. 
The Student Services committee consists of the Principal, Head of Special Education, respective Deputy Principals, Guidance Officer, Cultural Teacher, Behaviour Teacher and Gifted Education Mentor., Classroom teachers from respective classes and the school chaplain attend when necessary.
Students who are identified as gifted and talented will be case managed by our Gifted and Talented Mentor to ensure consistency across the school years.  They will be supported socially and emotionally and, where possible clustered in class groups with like-minded peers where possible.
Enrichment Activities
Enrichment activities to broaden and develop a student’s knowledge, skills, processes and experiences will be offered when appropriate.
Where possible, students will be offered opportunities to participate in:
- Extended Learning Programs (Cluster based)
- Problem solving & critical thinking sessions
- STEM based learning challenges
- Project support where required
- Chess club & tournaments
- Optiminds training sessions and competition Years 5-6
- Readers Cup
Further Information
If you would like further information, please telephone (07) 4978 9333 to make an appointment to see a Deputy Principal.