Clubs and societies


Our school offers a range of extra-curricular activities for our students to particpate in.  We are very grateful that our staff are so willing to give freely of their time during their lunch breaks to provide these opportunities for our students.

As part of our school's commitment to the development of the 'whole' child a number of our staff freely give their time to provide our students with a range of extra-curricular and lunch time activities.
Our focus is on our students and our energy, passion and commitment go into providing them with the best possible opportunities to develop their interests and talents.
Each week Ms Mann runs our Drama Club providing our student the opportunity to play drama games and learn drama skills.
 #2 Chess Club
Each Monday, first break, Mrs Peters runs a Chess Club for interested students.  Chess provides students with the opportunity to learn problem solving and strategic thinking.
Studies have proven that students who engage in chess perform better academically.
Students may then be selected to attend the Central QLD South, Inter-School Competitions later this month, and again in August. A small fee of $19 applies to enter the competitions at CQU, and students need to get their own transport to events. Winners may then be asked to attend the Brisbane State tournament at the end of the year! SO EXCITING! All ages and levels are welcome at Chess Club. For more information, contact Mrs Peters at .
#3 Optiminds
 Each Tuesday at first break, students have the opportunity to participate in Optiminds with Mrs Jackholme.  Optiminds requires students to solve demanding, open-ended Challenges from one of the following categories: | Language Literature | Science Engineering | Social Sciences |
The Opti-MINDS Challenge is an opportunity for all those with a passion for learning & problem solving to showcase their skills & talents in an exciting, vibrant & public way.  You can find out more about Optiminds by visiting the link
#4 Rotakids
 RotaKids  is an exciting way for those 12 and under to lead and engage in important, lively activities that will make a positive difference in  their school, in their local community and globally. 
At the same time RotaKids develop the ability and confidence to take up their place in society as responsible, successful, effective citizens both now and in the future.
At Clinton, Midday Rotary are our sponsors who work with our Rotakids and staff.
"As a RotaKid,  I endeavour to be fair to all  to serve my community  and to show respect for others“.
Our Rotakids meet first break each Monday and look at service to school, community and international initiatives.
#5 Gardening
 The Green Team meets on Wednesdays 1st break. We meet Mrs Elliott in the gardens and have gardening club. The students are learning how to manage a wicking bed and plant a variety of vegetables and herbs. Once fully grown these will then be sold around the school. The Junior Green Team have started composting and will soon be moving that to the big composters as part of their involvement with this project.
#6 STEM and Robotics
Robotics Club occurs at first break for a group of students in grades 4-6. The two groups (beginners and advanced) work with our teachers and volunteers to program the Ev3 Lego Mindstorm robots.  This involves designing, problem solving, programming, mathematics and team work.  The students are working towards a program where they can get their robot to 'rescue' a victim from a chemical spill scenario at CQU in Rockhampton later in the year.
#7 Choir
Our Classroom Music teachers offer choral groups for our junior and senior students.  Students who have a love of singing are welcome to participate and our choir performs each term at our Principal's Parade and competes in the annual Gladstone Eisteddfod.
#9 Little Greenies/Green Club
Students in our senior and junior school who have an interest in the environment are welcome to join our Little Greenies (junior) and Green Club (senior).  Students meet once a week and undertake environmental actions around our school.
#10 Running Club
Each Wednesday at first break, students can join Mrs Keefe on the Oval for running club. The club allows those students who enjoy running or who are training for Sporting events to run around the school grounds. For those students who like a challenge, certificates will be given for completing 5k, 10k, 20k and 50k in a term.
This is great preparation for students who are keen to participate in the annual BOTANIC TO BRIDGE.
#11 Table Tennis/Badminton
Each Thursday during first break, students of all abilities have the opportunity to participate in Table tennis or badminton with Mrs Grayer. Table tennis is a low impact sport that has multiple benefits for its participants. Table tennis is a great activity for social bonding, physical development, fine motor skills but more importantly it is great fun!
 #13 Chappy Club
Chappy Cathy facilitates lunchtime groups on Mondays and Wednesdays. These groups are announced at eating time and include:
Girls Group – Grades 2-6. Girls have fun as they are involved in friendship, craft and teambuilding activities.
Boys Group – Grades 2-6. Boys interact in a variety of physical action based learning activities.
Chappy Club – Grades 1-6. Only with written parent/carer permission. Students explore faith through a Christian World View with games, songs, craft and drama.
#14 Ghun Gharn Bills
Once a week, our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are invited to be part of our Ghun Gharn Bills.  Mrs Amanda Power, Prep teacher, facilities this with our students.
If you would like to know more about this, please contact Mrs Power on
#15 Literacy Hub
Every morning from 8.15 am and first break each day, our Literacy Hub operates where students are able to come to the hub where learning all things ' Literacy' is FUN. 
This is suitable for all year levels.  Mrs Pope looks forward to seeing our students in the Multi Media Room.
Last reviewed 28 April 2020
Last updated 28 April 2020