Our tuckshop is a service provided 3 days (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) a week at both first and second breaks, for our students and staff. It is run by a convenor employed by the P & C. The tuckshop relies on parent volunteers to assist with operation.

Throughout the year, our tuckshop alters the menu to cater for the seasons. The tuckshop also provides food at sporting carnivals and school discos.

Help is always welcome and it is a great way to get to know other parents and interact with the students. To find out more information and get involved, contact Mel (our Convenor) at school.

  • Tuckshop – open Wednesday to Friday from 8.20 am – 2.00 pm
  • First break: 10.50 am to 11.20 am
  • Second break: 1.00 pm to 1.25 pm

In 2019, our P & C Association introduced Flexischools, an online ordering system for purchasing items from the Tuckshop (Kids' Cafe). 

For families still wishing to order using the over-the-counter- brown bag system this will also be offered.  A manual class ordering system also operates for students in all year levels. Each class has a tuckshop box and children place their order into the box each morning. Please use a paper bag to place your order.

Suggested label would contain:

  • Name
  • Class
  • Order is for 'first break' or 'second break'
  • Total of order and amount of money enclosed.

You may also like to include an extra bag if you wish to separate the hot and cold foods. Or a separate bag for cold drinks (each bag needs to be labelled). 

If you don’t have a bag just write the order on an envelope and enclose 10 cents for each bag needed. 

Correct money is appreciated, wrapped in paper or tissue and placed in the bag. If change is required we will return it with the order.

The State Government's Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools, Smart Choices ensures healthy food and drink choices to students. The strategy applies to any area where food and drink is supplied including the tuckshop, fundraising ventures, vending machines, excursions, camps, classroom rewards, sport days, and curriculum activities.

The strategy is based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents and the Australian Guide for Healthy Eating encouraging fruits and vegetables and severely limiting such items as lollies, fried foods, cakes and soft drinks. The strategy advocates for a balanced approach to health, which encompasses nutritious eating, combined with physical exercise thus promoting an overall healthy lifestyle.


The P&C Association at Clinton State School is passionate about positive parent partnerships and value immensely the time you are able to contribute to the school. As part of our commitment to the school community, funds raised through our tuckshop are used to improve and upgrade our facilities and resources.

We have many wonderful people volunteering in our tuckshop and always look forward to new faces joining our tuck shop team. Full training is given by our convenor!

Volunteer support for all aspects of tuckshop operations is always appreciated.

Parents interested in providing assistance in the tuckshop or by providing 'home bake' are asked to contact the tuckshop convenor.

Last reviewed 14 July 2020
Last updated 14 July 2020